Momma Made It Look Easy

September 20, 2011 in Hit or Miss...kinda like my dating life.

No.  Not my momma.  Are you kidding?

She had no problem letting us know how tough we were to wrangle.  And still are.  I do think it’s some kind of sympathy ploy, but…whatever.

I’m talking about Jennifer Williams’ momma.  Or at least that’s what Jennifer says.

Anyway, like I’ve said tons of times before:  I’m such a creature of habit.

It’s stupid.  Really.

But I’m throwing caution (as well as early nights to bed) to the wind and making a change.

To this blog thing.  The look.  The feel.  The….something.

It’s too plain for me.  Which anyone who has known me for more than 4.8 minutes would absolutely know. 

I also said before:  Don’t be too proud to ask for help.  Be choosy in who you ask.  Not ‘just anyone’ should do during vulnerable times.


To make my changes, I wasn’t just going to “do the google” to get my info.

Jennifer and Stacie (the smart sister) were good friends back in high school.  She has had her blog for a few years now and it’s great.  I mean, she’s married with kids which is the polar opposite of me and I have found myself grazing there more than once a day. 

Love it.

Momma Made It Look Easy is now one I read daily.  Which goes to show, no matter how different the path people may walk, we all have some of the same issues, joys, laughs and sorrows. 

The changes to my blog might take a couple of weeks, so don’t be surprised if things start looking a tad different from time to time.

The one thing I’m excited about is…once everything is finished and done, I’ll have my very own website.  No more “blogspot” in the name.  I’ll just be:

Totally out of the nest.  Starting over on my own.  Which I am no stranger to.

(Thank you for that little lesson a few years ago, life.)

New web address, new colors, new look, new heels, new everything!

Thank you, Jennifer, for your kindness and willingness to help a sister out.  You openly gave more information than I even knew to ask about.  Your guidance is priceless and the only way I could ever pay you back is to promise to do the same for another.

For everyone else reading, I highly encourage you to please visit Jennifer’s blog and consider becoming one of her followers.  Her sweet spirit shines through daily.

Plus, she posted a recipe a few days ago that I do believe might cause my momma to purchase pumpkins and crank the oven up for some winter weather cooking a little sooner than I bet she planned.  (HINT HINT MOTHER.)

And in the meantime, throw out a recipe or two in my comments section.  Easy recipes.  Like, really simple.  The kind that even I could do.

Stay tuned for the changes…

Jennifer September 22, 2011 at 1:54 am

Awwww. Thanks. I followed, but this didn't come up in my reader. I have no idea why. But I've rectified that situation.

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