Nothing quite like sweating in the city. Except for maybe not sweating in the city.

November 5, 2011 in Crap I Was Considerate Enough to Not Bother You with Before Now.,Me and My Public Self

Loathe sweat.

And so do my bangs.  They completely freak and shrivel up and point in the total opposite direction than they should.  And that makes me curse.  Bad.

Therefore, I do my best to avoid it.

Except a little over a year ago, I realized I’m getting older and should probably stop living (living = eating) like an 18 year old delinquent (delinquent = lazy ass me who hates to move  unless there’s a fire threatening my life or a pizza delivery dude at the door).

August 2010 I started walking.  Then the boobs shrunk down some and I kinda started jogging.  They shrunk down even more so then I tried running.

Hate it.

So, I mix it up.  Little walking, little jogging…back and forth.

And since now some really cute ass stuff fits me…I’m kinda liking it.

And, really.  If I can’t give ME at least 30-45 minutes, 3-4 times a week…who’s the loser here?  (Hint:  You are.  Cause I’ll publicly bitch about how even my earrings are too tight.)

This precious soul over in Australia (that’d be you Karyn), blogged a week or so ago with pics of where she runs.  Loved it.  (Especially since I’ve never been off the North American continent and well, odds are Australia ain’t gonna come to me.)

Breathtaking stuff here…take a look then you’ll see where the rest of my rattling comes from.

An Observant Mind

Told  you.  Never will you hear me say I was able to do some whale watching on my morning run.

So, I thought this morning I’d share what my little sweaty morning looked like.

It started like this.  I got up way early for me.  Like 7:17 am or something.  Walked in the kitchen and found this looking at me:

Let's not bring it to my attention there are more wine glasses than anything else in my dishwasher. I know this. I loaded it last night. And forgot to start it. Surprise.

Threw in some dishwashing liquid stuff, pulled the door up with  my foot, cranked that bad boy on.

Then I went to my utility room.  My feet were cold and well, I was sure I had socks in the dryer.  Because we all know I hate folding clothes.

Most of my life is in this dryer. I love this dryer. And that's not normal.

I’ve been pretty lax on my walking/jogging lately (ok, entire month of October…don’t judge) so right then and there decided I was heading to Town Lake to get my groove on.

(I actually didn’t think or even know I had a groove anymore.  But down a 5-Hour Energy and 3 minutes later…BOOM!  You got some groove!)

Ten minutes later, I’m in the car wondering if I even brushed my teeth.  I’m headed downtown.  And my groove is buckled up with me.

I get there 20 minutes later, park the car and here’s what I see:

Here's where I stretch. And by stretching, I mean bending over. Twice.

I get my iPod (which is really just a cheap little wanna-be) ear piece things jammed in my ears and I start off for that trail you see.

Beyonce’ (No, not my little metal chicken.  She ain’t into her health like I am.) is in my right ear with Crazy in Love because the damn left ear piece thing doesn’t seem to be working.

I round the corner of the trail headed up to Congress Street.  I’ve decided I’m going to do downtown rather than just the trail.

I live on the edge like that.  Daring, I know!

Those fools up there are running. Not me. It's way cold and I'm scared a nipple might plop off.

Bats live in our bridges in Austin. And on a hot, sweltering summer wouldn't question me on that when you're gasping for breath while you're under these things. Bat shit = great economy for Austin.

Now I'm up on Congress Street, heading to the Capitol.

Getting close to 6th Street where all the bachelorette party-goers, crazy college kids and tourist flock to on any given night of the week.

It's a damn good thing it's not as easy for a woman to get her hands on a cannon like it was back in her day. I don't think prision life is for me. Thank you, Jesus.

I. Love. My. City. With all my heart.

Now, from all this walking/jogging I’ve been doing…I’m drippy.

Stopping and doing the picture taking has made me look totally touristy.  Some stare at me, but who cares.  I sho’ don’t.

On my way back to the car THAT I SWEAR I WON’T SEE SOON ENOUGH, I see this stuff:

Uh, huh. But we call ourselves the Live Music Capital of the World. However, I'm the only person living here that has no musical talent. Of any kind. At all.

And you just can’t consider yourself in Austin if you don’t get to see a few protesters.  We got’em all the time.  I’ve always wanted to protest, but just for the sake of holding a sign and screaming at a news camera.  I don’t even know what I’d protest about.  I just wanna hold a sign and look like I’m all political.

But that would consists of moving and well…remember?  Life threatening fire?  Pizza dude at door?

I know.  Odds are it ain’t happening.

But here’s our protesters:

I saw the word "occupy" on like, every sign. I wouldn't make eye-contact for fear of someone tossing me a sign, then I'd be all yelling at a news man, and bangs look like shit at this point.

I swear THIS is one reason I’m getting one of those new iPhones with the zoom lens for pics.

The protesters are piled high on those steps and I wanna zoom right in on them.  Bad.  Why?

They’re sleeping.

They are passed out.  All up in their warm little sleeping bags.  They’re all up behind that tent.  And get that.  A tent.  Somebody put some thought into all this.

I made it back to the car and took off for home.  And now here I am…telling you about my morning.

The only thing better would be if you were there with me.

But only those of you who are kinda on the lazy side and not all obsessed with being healthy.  Just kinda healthy.

And only those of you who wouldn’t make me jog when I couldn’t breath and could barely walk.

And only those of you who wouldn’t stare at my bangs 15 minutes into this torture.

Actually.  I would really rather YOU take pics of where YOU walk/jog and send them to me and I’ll just pretend I’m with you.

Then I ain’t gotta sweat at all.


Love your day.  And find laughter in it somewhere.  Cause, tutz…it’s there.

Dena November 5, 2011 at 12:59 pm

No way girl, I got the weird bangs thing too… not straight but not curly, just odd! Mine went weird just reading about your exercise adventure. Guess you didn’t see Leslie since you didn’t post a pic but he may not get up that early, think he’s a noon and beyond off color part of Austin (on a good day) 😉

Don’t recall ever seeing the cannon lady art before… guess I better get my lazy butt out a little more but the frozen nipple comment made me glad that I was warm at home wishin I had some biscuits and gravy right now… lately been craving cheese enchiladas or biscuits and gravy… I know, crazy huh?

We got to do us a happy hour soon, I miss you! There is a lady at work that reminds me of you everyday (she’s got the red hair, happy glow, spunk and quick come backs but she just “ain’t you”) but doesn’t hold a candle to you! Bet she could be your cousin tho!

Luv you lots!

Carrie November 5, 2011 at 1:02 pm

The cannon woman has a story to her…but did I stop to read it? Uh, no. She’s right there on Congress & 6th in the area of Jamba Juice.

Would love to get together. The holidays are already starting to chew on me at this point. =)

laura November 5, 2011 at 1:16 pm

lol….you were worried a nipple would fall off. I HATE when that happens!
laura recently posted..Disney HalloweenMy Profile

Carrie November 5, 2011 at 1:27 pm

Well, YOU could probably just make one that looked better than the original and craft it right back on!

Me? I’d have to first find it, blow the dirt off, then get some duct tape or super-glue.

I am quite envious of your crafty talent, if you can’t tell. =)

(Love that you’re here…you’re ridiculously great at what you do!)

laura November 5, 2011 at 1:59 pm

lol thanks!

Jennifer November 5, 2011 at 4:36 pm

Austin really is awesome! So.. there is an “occupy Austin”? WOw.. I am trying to imagine what that would be like. Hmm… I hate to walk/jog/run… but really NEED to. Perhaps I can take you up on your challenge and go for a walk and snaps some pics- but first I have to fix my iPhone- I updated it and lost my music. And I’m being a baby and whining about it for a few days instead of just logging on to iTunes and just restoring everything.
Jennifer recently posted..If Curiosity Killed the Cat, What Did Goofiness Do to the Boy?My Profile

Carrie November 5, 2011 at 4:50 pm

Don’t get me trying to act like I know about anything “occupy-ish.” I just saw signs with that on them and other politicalness sounding words.

No eye-contact.

Instead, I was looking at the cops who were gathered off to the side. I guess in case they had some “unrest.” (Look at me sounding all CNNish.)

But, I kid you not. There was puh-lenty of rest. They were hoards of people sleeping on the steps of the courthouse.

And yes. Austin is just…well, heaven. I love it more and more every day. You must seriously have an open-mind and high tolerance level to live here though. And THAT is probably my most favorite reason for loving it so much.

Joan @chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate November 5, 2011 at 9:40 pm

Love it, and I can totally see you protesting something. You just need to start your own movement.

Got it-

No more bad hair days! Or stop the sweat! We can all gather up on those steps and be passed out too!

And I’m proud of you and your jogging thing, the most I do is walk up and down isles at the grocery store.

Joan @chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate recently posted..Homemade CaramelsMy Profile

Carrie November 5, 2011 at 10:38 pm

Yep. I’ll have to come up with something good to stand for or against. I’m sure if I give it at least 3 minutes thought, I can come up with long lists on both!


Karyn November 6, 2011 at 4:05 am

OMG you totally linked me!! I cant believe you did that! I have to say, as pretty as you think my walk is (and it is) I LOVED yours – I went to Austin only once 🙁 but loved it – I love the vibe, the architecture and the people! So I love your city too, and would love to go back one day. And, you have city facilities, living in a small town I only have small-town facilites and have to drive for HOURS to get city facilities, we we’re pretty much even. But you do need to get that trim butt over here to see this place, ’cause I think Australia would love you!
PS. my dishwasher looks almost identical – more wine glasses than anything else – is there any other way to live??? 🙂
Karyn recently posted..And The Mouse Made FourMy Profile

Carrie November 6, 2011 at 6:19 am

I knew you’d be surprised! That’s what I wanted!! HAHA!

Austin is great…but certainly no whale or dolphin watching to be found. We do like to ‘Keep it Weird’ over here though. That just usually consists of transvestites on the street and such.

Would love to see Australia some day. Soon as I find me a rich man with a bad heart…I’m there! =)

Kim November 6, 2011 at 8:09 pm

This post had me laughing out loud! I am allergic to all things outdoors, so I completely understand where you are coming from. And living in one of the most humid areas known to man means that bangs are out for me! Stopping by from Momma Made It Look Easy and I am in love with your blog! I am now following, I mean stalking you 😉
Kim recently posted..My heart hurtsMy Profile

Carrie November 6, 2011 at 8:16 pm

YAY ME! Thank you so much…if I can make one person laugh, my job is done!

Thrilled you’re here…simply thrilled!

And let me tell you, a friend of Jennifer’s is a friend of mine. Love that girl!

Jennifer November 7, 2011 at 11:45 am

I love you. This had me cracking up. We could totally walk together, but I’m not doing any of that jogging stuff. We can burn extra calories by holding our sides while we laugh.
Jennifer recently posted..A girl tripMy Profile

Carrie November 7, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Girl…and I know you would totally protest with me. Just for the sign holdin’ part of it, too.

Just being in that vicinity I wanted to fist-pump and scream out, “Yeah…you go!” but for all I knew they could have been protesting redheads with shitty bangs occupying the area.

Yeah, THAT’D be real cute.

Felicia November 8, 2011 at 5:05 pm

Hahahahahaha!! I run the downtown all the time and it never occurred to me to take pics along the way. I’ll do it next time, but doubt I’ll have as interesting a story to tell about it.
Felicia recently posted..Beautiful Babel-ing LipsMy Profile

Carrie November 8, 2011 at 5:13 pm

I’ll look for you next time. No doubt you’ll be easy to spot as fashionable and as stylish as you are!

mark @ yelling near you November 9, 2011 at 2:53 pm

It was very thoughtful of you to go and exercise for me. Much appreciated. The pictures are great and it’s fun to see where you walk & jog just like Karyn did.

Our occupy protesters are on the verge of being forcibly removed – next week if not sooner. It’s all fun and games until someone OD’s and then somebody else dies (cause of death yet to be released). Silly protesters, intravenous drug use is dangerous!
mark @ yelling near you recently posted..Inflation is a BitchMy Profile

Carrie November 9, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Damn. Very true though. Once an eye is put out or an OD happens…party over.

You should totally get me pics of your protesters! For some reason, I’m all consumed.

I need a life.

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