June 2013

I might be old but I know what to do when a dude ditches you. And I probably shouldn’t sound so proud of that.

June 27, 2013
Hanna Text Convo 1

Well, God love it. (Between my daughter and my nieces, I am going to die or end up in prison for dude-burying.) I immediately dialed her number to chat. (Because that’s what girls do when they find out another girl has been ditched.) After we yammered with a little small talk, I shot straight to point. […]

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I was just one big vacation all rolled up in…well, sweat.

June 24, 2013
Cayla Lincoln

There’s no doubt if you’re on my Facebook…personal page or blog one…you have heard enough of my yammering on my vacation. (I mean, I figure if “I” have…then you probably have.) The new fam flew to DC for 3 days, then Amtrak’d it to NYC for 3 days. (Lots of together time.) (Lots of together […]

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Because that girl of mine is 15, I gotta be all motherly and act like I know what I’m doing. Damn it.

June 9, 2013

That girl of mine wants so bad to grow up. When it’s convenient. And when it’s not painful. And as long as it happens after she wakes up at noon. (And when it doesn’t cost her money.) Otherwise, being a punk kid with ass breath until noon is perfectly fine. Her daddy has done a fine […]

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Bet you never thought you’d see Post-it Notes, a Hippie Van and Zombie-talk in one place, huh? You’re welcome.

June 4, 2013
Car Post It

You know how when you’re on the way to the work joint and you’re just not feeling it and you wish you didn’t stop and get that breakfast taco because now you’re going to be all gassy when you get there and you have run out of co-workers to blame because they’re on to your game and your crap […]

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