August 2013

Just once a weekend has now turned into what could kinda be a legal addiction to something like crack.

August 27, 2013

Because I was up and on the road for a 6 hour drive at the crack of ass this morning and will be back up at the crack of ass in the morning for another 6 hour drive back home after 5 hours of work is done…I was showered and ready for bed at 6:00 […]

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Now, I don’t suggest you pick a fight with a chicken but if you do…just know it’s gonna totally turn your day around.

August 23, 2013
Beyonce Sombrero

Here’s something I learned yesterday: Do not pick a fight with a chicken. (You’ll look like a full-blown jackass.) (YOU will. Not me. It’s now accepted from me.) It’s rare I have rough days but sweet mother of all things in the universe that hate me…yesterday was the sweet-mother-of-all-things-in-the-universe-that-hate-me day. But that ain’t the big […]

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Somehow, I end up getting more at home when I’m not at home. Coincidence? I think not.

August 19, 2013

Apparently, they expect me to do more than tell others how to do their job and re-apply lipgloss at the work joint. I’m just now getting back on the travel wagon and will be somewhere within the Texas borders for 2 days every other week for a few months. (I’m elated.) (Seriously. Room service. A […]

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I could call this My Husband’s Butt Hole but that would be totally misleading. In a way. Plus, he’d kill me.

August 11, 2013
Oil Change

I couldn’t stop laughing. Could. Not. Stop. It eventually got to the point I was doing that silent-with-my-trap-wide-open-heaving-hard-and-doing-my-absolute-best-NOT-to-pee-a-little laugh. And it’s stupid. Nobody else would even give it a second thought. Oh, but you sure know I did. Just like I give a second thought to licking both mixing beaters with cake batter on them, […]

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My mother will now die happy because that crap of “I certainly hope you have a daughter just like you!” came true. Dear God did it ever.

August 5, 2013
Teenage Text

If you haven’t ‘liked’ my Facebook page or if you’re not a friend on there or however you do that, you should be. This here is gonna explain this status update the other day: I called momma earlier this week. She answered. Here’s how it went: Me: I am about to say to you what […]

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