September 2014

I might be married to the law but it’s a known truth “I” am the law and if I had no hair you could call me Kojak.

September 17, 2014

Now, we all know I’m the law-breaker in my house and my husband is the law enforcer. He’s a deputy.  I’m not. Doesn’t matter.  I still feel, as a wife, it’s my duty to advise him the best way to do his job that he’s been doing about 25 years that I’ve never done a […]

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There should still be phones ripped out of the walls because then I wouldn’t be filled with guilt right now.

September 8, 2014

My mother was the only CEO of Guilt Trips Dot Com…until she sold her shares to my husband. He bought me perfume. For no reason. No birthday.  No holiday.  No anniversary. Never mind the fact I’ve been leaving my 98% empty bottle by my sink on the bathroom counter each morning. Then it slowly moved over […]

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