Mom, I might be sounding all thankful and crap but I still want your gumbo pot.

May 8, 2014
Mom Georgetown

Momma…I’m tired. And I only have one. One that “I” didn’t even birth. One that I got when she was 14.  Now she’s a week from being 16, and I’m worn to the bone. And I’m not juggling 3 kids, keeping food on the table, keeping a working husband happy. All while I’m going back […]

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I’m a jackass. And that’s ok because God thinks He’s funny and agrees. So now I don’t have to start smoking or share a cell in the pokey.

May 6, 2014
Keith Text

“I’ll just tell him I need an oil change later.  No need in him calling back this early for that.” “Do not forget to tell him to start the dishwasher before he leaves the house.  Do not forget.” “Maybe when he went to get his blood taken, they decided to go ahead and do his […]

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Getting old is now the new staying young…even if just in my book. Which is the only book that really matters in my world, right?

May 1, 2014

I have fought life for, well…my whole life. I moisturize. I eat healthier than most anyone I know. (At least 90% of the time.) (I mean, there IS that occasional mac and cheese, moon pie and well, there’s wine.  Ok, Ok.  There’s wine.  Get off my back.) I do the stupid treadmill.  Up to an […]

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Nobody said anything about old bras and hairy legs. No, no you didn’t.

April 25, 2014
Dont Ask

I do believe I’ve uttered the words, “I don’t ask for much…” no less than 17 times this week. It’s not like I’m asking for an around the world cruise. Or my own personal island. (Which I would love because then I could boss and people would listen because it was MY personal island and […]

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My husband goosed me, but I assure you it wasn’t the goose I was wanting.

April 16, 2014

Because there is no way in hell I can make this up…I’m gonna keep it short. At 9:06 am this morning, I called my husband while he was on the job. My husband. The PoPo The Fuzz The 5-0. Yeah.  Sorry.  Anyway. I called and he answered.  He  always, always answers. (Not because I could […]

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If I’m the only one high-fiving me I’m fine with that because I did this for me.

April 10, 2014

Last night I got a little irritated with the family. Or maybe aggravated. (Is there a difference between those two?) Then I realized I was really irritated and/or aggravated with me and they were just an easy blame. Let me do a little back-tracking.  I’ll keep it short. I’ll start with the subject of my […]

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This new diet of having a bowl of bitchy just ain’t working.

March 25, 2014

February 12? Really? That’s the last time I wrote anything here?  Seriously? Oh, I know why. Because I’ve been eating vegetables.  And fruits.  And took a yoga class for a month.  And when I wasn’t doing yoga, I was working out at the gym. 30 minutes on the treadmill and no less than 30 minutes […]

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I’m going back to my single ways because I’m done and I’m tired and I’m totally over it. And so are my skirts.

February 12, 2014

This is it. I’m done.  I’m tired.  I’m totally over it. And that’s usually the place in life where I gotta get before I realize nobody is gonna take care of crap for me and I’m apparently gonna have to do it myself. (And you call yourselves friends and family.) (Whatever.) A bed should not be […]

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Some bully’s butt ain’t worth losing a high heel over, but I will if I gotta.

February 4, 2014

Remember that bully thing with my niece that I was yapping about on Facebook last week? (It’s too long to screen shot and make fit here or maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing so I’ll just copy/paste it and put it here because well, THAT I can do.) (I can even do italics, too.) […]

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Well, his chickens have much more than hair now.

January 23, 2014
Chicken Hair

This day of my life has involved chickens more than any other day.  I’ve never discussed chickens more than I have today. (Thank you, Keith.) I’m sitting in my office area and it’s around lunch.  And the sweet girl around the corner says, out loud, where the world can hear: Sweet Girl:  “Hey, Carrie.  You have […]

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